• How do I know which coach to choose? All of our Bod E Talk Coaches are certified, trained, and love what they do. Each and every one of us are committed to building a strong coaching relationship with our members throughout the Bod E Talk Session. The best way to see which coach might be the best fit for you is to read through their profiles HERE and see which one jumps out to you most.

  • Can I choose a different coach with each new session?Of course. We all support each other. You are free to stick with the same coach for multiple sessions or you can explore the website and choose a different coach each session. The most important thing is that you select a coach that best fits your health and fitness goals.

  • Are there any additional costs once I register? We firmly believe that additional things like pills, shakes, wraps, lotions or potions are not needed to lead a healthy and joyful life.


and Privacy

  • What time will be required of me to be online each day to do the program? It could range anywhere from 5-10 minutes to half an hour depending on the amount of engagement you choose with the group. You will find additional information and education in reading the daily post comments and going over the EGuides we release every 2 weeks. We do have members who aren't able to access the group every day and are able to still do the program just fine. It's really flexible to fit your schedule and lifestyle.

  • I’m not on Facebook because I don’t want strangers seeing my personal information. Do I need a Facebook Account to join Bod E Talk?   One of the reasons our program has been so successful is because it is accessible online. Your personal coach will do her coaching through her connection with you on Facebook. We understand your hesitation; however, the only information you need to open a Facebook Account is your name, it can even be a first and middle name. Simple. Any other information you choose to put on your main account is optional and your choice.

  • Who has access to my Bod E Talk information?  Only registered members will be added to the CLOSED (private) group. Only your coach and the BT administration will have access to any of your personal information that is shared with us through registration or weekly accountability. 

Dietary Needs and Restrictions  

  • I have certain dietary needs, can I still do Bod E Talk? Yes. That’s one of the best parts of this program; it's customizable to fit your individual needs and lifestyle. We have coached members who have been paleo, vegan, vegetarian and who have had a range of allergies and sensitivities.

  • I have Diabetes. Can I still be a member? Yes. We have had several members find great success with this program as they live with health issues that require special attention and adaptability. As always, I would recommend checking with your Doctor and never do anything that feels like it is bringing harm to your body.