Features Overview

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Learn something new and discover your own weight loss language with no calories or points to count.

  • Customize a healthy lifestyle that fits YOU and your needs.

  • Crush sugar addiction.

  • Learn how to lose weight even when exercise is absent due to an injury or other.

  • Understand that brutal workouts do not have to be a part of losing weight.

  • Develop a relationship of trust with yourself and not a relationship with the scale.

  • Navigate social eating settings with confidence and control.

  • Conquer emotional eating.

  • Respect yourself and food.

  • Set individual goals and achieve them to create the very best YOU!

  • ROCK your new body and self-esteem.

Challenges and simple “homework” will help you apply the Bod E Talk principles taught in this comprehensive Bod E Talk  series through:

  • Daily Feedback & Motivation

  • Personalized Accountability

  • Weekly Weigh-ins (from your own scale)

  • Group Support

  • Wholesome Eating

  • Recipes

  • “How to” Videos

  • Sustainable Healthy Living Habits

Invite a friend and feel the power of group accountability through a PRIVATE Facebook group!


Convenience & Consistency

Bod E Talk can fit everyone’s schedule since we do not require attendance to weekly meetings.

You will never miss the daily BT information as “COACH POSTS” can be accessed from ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME. Information can be digested on your own time and then discussed with the group at your convenience. The group is always available 24/7 for encouragement, inspiration and support.

After reading our coach BIOS and choosing the one you feel most connected with, signing up for our next session is very easy. It can all be done from the comfort of your home or from your phone. Sign up early and save $60!



BOD E TALK'S Vision Statement: 

A world where individuals are personally empowered by learning how to become their OWN health, fitness and nutrition expert. 

Accessibility & Accountability
DAILY posts from your coach and accountability versus 1x/week with a weekly meeting program.

DAILY opportunity to ask questions either to your coach and/or your teammates within the group.  

DAILY response (sometimes even immediate) to your questions vs. waiting a week for a face-to-face meeting or a wait on a phone help line.

DAILY opportunity to read what your coach/teammates do for exercise and get inspired by them!

DAILY reminders that you are worth it and that your health is worth the challenges!


Personal & Private

Our Facebook group is CLOSED to the public so it provides a safe, private environment for you to learn as you create the best YOU possible.

Only registered members of your group can see posts, pics, and comments. Members feel comfortable being more candid and sharing via Facebook than in-person.

Weekly weigh-ins are done on your own scale, in the privacy of your own home. Clients like weighing at home vs. in a group setting.