The Magic about New Years Day & Any Day

I hope this blog post finds you soaking up the last few days of 2017 and reflecting on all that this year has brought as well as the excitement at what lies ahead.

This time of year finds us in a goal setting mindset of "we've got this one chance to get this right". We set goals that seem attainable but find it hard to factor in REAL LIFE. Then... when we have a bad day, a day full of the unexpected, a day where our bodies won't cooperate, a day where our hormones are raging or our morale just tanks, we find ourselves on the struggle bus heading back to where we started. We then begin to rationalize, maybe this is how my life is suppose to be, to just stay-put, because this journey of change is getting wearisome with each and every try. You see, we tend to believe there is something magical or official about New Years Day or perhaps a Monday, or the day after our birthdays... and you're right, there IS! We become motivated. We re-commit. It's exciting to think of the new possibilities. But how do we hang onto that? Is there is a way to keep that New Year's excitement and energy on any day of the year?

I'll let you in on a secret.

Will power and motivation are limited resources. They need to be renewed daily, even several times a day. Each one of us has the power to make a difference starting exactly where we are within our journey. That's why I created Bod E Talk, where members can engage and easily find the hope, insight, will power, and strength through the 12 week experience with their BT coach and team. Bod E Talk anticipates REAL LIFE. Bod E Talk is REAL LIFE. We understand that the struggle bus is real. Our bodies and schedules and lives are different and what one person's body is saying, doing or experiencing is different from another. 

Join us on January 8th for a 12 week journey that will help you make changes that can last a lifetime, no matter what REAL LIFE brings.