Ditch the Doubt and Amp Up the Love! By BT Coach Ida Ufferman

7 Beautiful Ways to Cultivate More Self-Love In Your Life With BKTY

Some days, self-love comes naturally—like when your ponytail is on point, you’re rocking an outfit you love and

your boss finally gives you the promotion you deserve.

But at other times, it can be *really* difficult to speak kindly to yourself. Maybe you hit the snooze button one toomany times this morning and missed your barre class...again. Maybe you’re stressed at work and you yelled at yourkids last night, or maybe you feel guilty because it’s been 4 months and you still haven’t called your Mom.

Whatever the negative voice inside your head is saying—and, let’s face it, we all have one—you can learn to turn down the volume with a little BKTY (aka be kind to yourself). Because filling your cup with that radiant glow thatcomes from being your own cheerleader, from believing in yourself? Yeah, that’s way better than putting yourselfdown!

Here are Ida’s top 7 tips for cultivating more self-love and acceptance in your life with the BKTY Philosophy!

1. Practice self-kindness with affirmations
Whether it’s an app on your phone, a podcast, a journaling technique or a beautiful set of BKTY cards, positiveaffirmations are one of the easiest ways to raise your vibration and shift your mindset.

At BKTY, we like to think of mindset work as a form of self-love. It’s easy to treat yourself to a manicure or a massage, but what about being forgiving and gentle with yourself? Daily affirmations can help you reprogram your brain and help you steer your focus away from the negative thought patterns and behaviors holding you back. Yes, you are worth it. Yes, you do deserve love.

2. Throw your own party

It’s easy to appreciate others, but when was the last time you appreciated yourself? When you’re plowing through your to-do list and orchestrating the chaotic symphony of life, it’s easy to overlook your accomplishments and tell yourself that they don’t matter. But they do!

Next time you face a fear, finish a project or achieve something you’ve been working towards for a long time,make an effort to celebrate your win. Buy yourself that bouquet of flowers, go dancing with your bestie, throw yourself a garden party and pop a bottle of champagne!

3. Invest in yourself and your dreams

Practicing BKTY means recognizing that you’re an equal partner in your relationships. You deserve the same love, care, and attention that you show your friends and family. When you love and invest in yourself, you can show up authentically in your relationships, without unconsciously projecting your fears and judgments onto others.Whether it’s investing in learning a new skill, hiring a coach, or traveling solo, it’s important to fulfill your needs sothat you can better serve others. You really can’t pour from an empty cup!

4. Carve out space and time for YOU
Self-love can be a relaxing bubble bath, a juicy yoga class, or an afternoon nap. Anytime you carve out space just for YOU, you give yourself permission to slow down and be kinder to your body and soul.

Creating moments of calm in your life will help you to interact and connect deeply with the people around you, instead of reacting to situations with fear and judgment. Self-love is the fuel that will get you through the day and the spark that will help you accomplish your tasks with a smile on your face.

5. Advocate for yourself

Self-esteem is such a big “buzz” word these days, but what does it really mean? It means to admire and respect yourself. What would your life look like if you had more confidence? Would you ask for a promotion or a raise? Would you take greater risks, change careers, or start your own business? Creating more abundance in your life starts with advocating for yourself. BKTY means asking for what you want and taking control of your destiny. You deserve a life you love!

6. Be more forgiving

Are you one to deliver a bag of groceries to a homeless person, but say horrible things to yourself? What happens when you look in the mirror each day? Try being more forgiving and gentle with yourself—as gentle as you would be with your BFF or five-year-old self!

7. Create self-love reminders

Write little love notes to yourself (or use some BKTY cards) and choose a photo of yourself where you feel beautiful, confident, and powerful and stick them to your mirror. When you’ve been beating yourself up aboutsomething, refer back to your notes and your photo. Remind yourself that you are SPECTACULAR!

Finally, remember the kinder we are to ourselves and the more we stop our inner critic, the more we’ll be able tobe kinder to those around us and change the world.

About the author:

Ida Ufferman is a lawyer turned health and nutrition coach, fitness instructor, and founder of BKTY (Be Kind To Yourself), a company designed to inspire, empower and support people through kindness and mindful projects. Ida devotes her time to raising her family, coaching individuals through Bod E Talk, and helping others in her community.

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