Stacy's Bod E Talk Tips for NYE Parties

Be your own health, fitness and nutrition expert, even through the holidays as you INSPIRE yourself.

Willpower is a limited resource and must be renewed daily & especially before a big festive party.

One of our Bod E Talk Members told me about a time where she was feeling bad for not feasting on all the food at a party she was attending. She didn't want to seem like she wasn't grateful for all the wonderful food that was provided, but she also wanted to be true to her body's hunger cues and stay faithful to her weight loss journey. Later she was telling the host about Bod E Talk and mentioned the party and to her surprise the host said, "I noticed you showing restraint at the party and you inspired me to choose better for myself that evening". You never know who else you will inspire as you stay true to yourself. 

Here are 7 ways to I-N-S-P-I-R-E yourself & others for the holidays:

INVITE a healthy buddy to attend your party. Better yet a BT buddy. Help each other out! 

NOTICE how others are healthily navigating the party. 

STAY hydrated, keep your water close by. Bring your own sparkling water if you want to have something to drink when those around you are drinking sodas or alcoholic beverages. 

PLAN a fun workout with friends for New Years Day! 

INCLUDE your favorite foods. Think tablespoons instead of cupfuls. 

SPIT IT OUT If it doesn't taste good, politely. Not kidding here, do not swallow it. It's not worth it and it teaches your body that you are going to honor it with what it truly enjoys.

REMIND yourself why you're celebrating! Bring up New Years Goals and Hopes with others at the party and talk to them about some things you are excited about in 2018. I know I'm more tempted to eat mindlessly when I'm wandering around vs. engaging in meaningful conversation. 

ENVISION how light, cheerful and empowered you will feel the following day because of your current choices in that moment.