Listen. Let Go. LOVE - Stacy Summers

Can gently shutting the front door on your way out for the day and taking a moment to pause before you walk to the car really help you lose weight?"  

Actually, yes. Let me explain.

While moving through my Yoga certifications, I’ve become intrigued with the nervous systems and the fascinating correlation to weight loss. The sympathetic nervous system is the body's fight-or-flight response (stressful job, daily high-intensity workout, “being in survival mode”, rush hour, deadlines, arguments, etc.). However, activities like meditating, yoga, prayer, journaling, finding a patch of sunshine & sitting, a warm bath, etc, activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the body's "rest-and-digest”.

If we do not LISTEN to our bodies and give it the time to “rest and digest” each day, even 10 minutes, it makes it extremely difficult to LET GO of unwanted pounds. They just hold on for dear life, in their “flight and fight” state. This month LOVE yourself enough to carve out a few minutes just for you. I bet you will see a difference in your weight loss journey. The body remembers EVERY healthy choice you make.

I'm including a calendar and a recipe that will help you spend just a little bit more time and attention on YOU this month.  Print the Calendar and hang it on your fridge or bathroom mirror. If you do these little easy things this month, you will have added such richness and meaning to your everyday life and joy to those around you.  

Here is the Link to the BRIGHT PINK and LIGHT PINK versions... or you can click on the image below! 

With Love, Stacy Summers