Coach Dana's 4 Healthy Things to Do While on Spring Break

It’s Spring Break and I can remember some overindulgent vacations from my past. Eat, drink, and lay by the pool was the plan for most days!  Now since living this healthy Bod E Talk lifestyle, I have really enjoyed vacationing a little bit more! I found myself not primarily focusing on food and beverages and was more focused on making memories, being fully present and feeling refreshed.  When we returned from vacation, not only was I relaxed from letting go of everyday stresses and having a break from the daily routine, I had also managed to let go of some weight. All because I implemented a few of these changes. Are you heading on vacation? No matter if you find yourself road-tripping, relaxing beachside or a staycation in your own city, here are a few tips for staying healthy!

1. Build Workouts into your Vacation Plans

Vacation is the perfect time to try new workouts, either on your own or with your family!  Some of my favorite ways of getting my workouts in are: making the most of your hotel gym (some hotels even have earbuds and water coolers for those using their facilities), taking the dog for a 2-3 mile walk before the day gets started, an afternoon hike with the family or water activities.   My last vacation I took a list of exercises that I could do anywhere! Here are some of my favorite exercise which can be done anywhere. Take a quick screenshot or pin the image so it’s easily accessible and you can do this anywhere:

Coach Dana Spring Break Workout.png

Making sure my vacation includes some sort of physical activity is a constant reminder of the health goals I have set for myself!

2. Learn How to Compensate

I never used to pay much attention to what I ate on vacation, but too much indulging always left me returning from my time away a few pounds heavier and unhappy with myself. Now I have learned to compensate for which meal I would like to splurge on.  For instance, I like to refer to myself as a fish taco connoisseur. I REALLY enjoy finding good ones on vacation. Knowing that, I may not reach for the complimentary muffin at the front desk, but instead, wait for the authentic Mexican food later that day that I love so much!  There are so many ways you can do this and not feel like you are being deprived but rather loving your body and enjoying the best your location has to offer. This sounds too simple but I promise you'll see results. 

3. Drink Plenty of Water

It’s a good idea to continue the healthy habit of carrying water with you 24/7. When we went to Disney World, I had a local grocery store deliver 2 cases of water to our hotel for us!  I was so grateful to stay hydrated when we were walking around on a hot day. Not only did my body need its normal daily hydration, but with the added heat and walking around, my body was asking me for more than usual. Also, ordering a club soda with lemon or lime when eating at a restaurant is a very refreshing way to get extra water and a better option over drinking soda or alcohol that actually dehydrate you. 

4. Stay Connected to your Bod E Talk Group

While we definitely encourage you to unplug and be present. You might find that if you're going somewhere specific (like Disney, or to the Beach) you could see if any of your BT team members have been too and have any helpful tips for you. Also, it's great knowing that if you're having any trouble pursuing health on vacation or those few days after coming home that your coach and team members are available to reach out to anytime. We love seeing and hearing about your experiences with the Bod E Talk principles at home or on vacation. . This program is designed for REAL LIFE! And we know that you want to truly live life, be present, and take care of your body in this wonderful memorable REAL life, no matter where you are! 

Have a wonderful and healthy Spring Break!

BT Coach Dana Jarrell. Find her on FACEBOOK and follow her on INSTAGRAM