A-ha moment... by BT Coach Stacey Hoeft

My health journey was ignited in 2006; a year after my father-in-law passed away at 64 from cancer, and the same year my own father had quadruple bi-pass surgery. This was my “aha moment," my revelation that if I didn’t begin to make some changes and make my health a priority, I might not be around for my family and those I love. Not only is longevity super important to me, but also I want those years to be healthy and vibrant!
I think many people have an “aha moment" when we realize it's time to focus on our health and make it more of a priority. But why can it be so challenging to take action and be consistent? I think most people genuinely have an interest in living a healthy life, but finding the motivation and making this commitment is an integral part in this journey!  
For too long I let fear get in my way. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of commitment, maybe even fear of success. Breaking through fear and understanding, I was not getting everything I wanted in life because of this ONE word. In life we are either growing or decaying, we are never stagnant. I wanted to grow to be my best, but fear was holding me back. In my personal development training, I learned how to tackle fear and wow was it freeing to experience!!!  This is where I learned the acronym, FEAR.  False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.” Isn’t that the truth?!   We tell ourselves something is going to happen when we have no hard evidence. We are really going on the emotion of what we perceive is real. Breaking through fear is when I began learning about the power of mindset. 
In my BodETalk (BT) journey, this was the most significant factor for me that created results and ultimately lead me to my goal-MINDSET.  Mindset is paramount!!  In my BodETalk session, the four fundamental principles, the group dynamic, the encouragement and support of my coach and team was instrumental in my success; but ultimately, having the mindset and commitment to take daily action and apply what I was learning was up to me and only me; having a healthy mindset was vital! The commitment had to come from within, my inner strength, my “WHY,” that had to be my driving force!  I had to let go of the excuses and DECIDE what I really wanted most, and I had to go after it with intention, with determination, and with the belief, I knew I would be successful no matter how long it took!  
In my journey to create a healthier life, I realized it’s really a mind, body, and spirit connection. I participated in personal development work to dig deeper and self-reflect on areas of my life that I wanted to improve never knowing the significance this would have years later when I became a coach. There were some pretty profound statements that I still live by today that I learned. The first one was: "results, often harsh and always fair"!!  Another one was “how you do anything is how you do everything”! This is where I learned the significance of consistency. 
It can be easy to fall into the trap of giving into temporary pleasure over the long-term gratification of hitting a goal, and that’s where the power of commitment comes in! If we recognize the brief indulgences for what they are, momentary pleasures, and shift our focus back to our long-term goals, we can break the cycle and make better choices! This will lead us to the sweet prize of the extraordinary benefits of a healthy life!   
So let me ask you the crucial question. What is your “why”? When you think about the answer, phrase it in terms of the future you!  When setting goals, it’s not about where we’ve been or where we are now, it’s about where we are going! Visualizing the ‘future you’ is exhilarating, freeing and empowering! Our minds are a powerful force; use it to your advantage!
So as you step out onto the journey toward the future healthier you, there are thousands of decisions that await you. Will you step outside your front door and go for that walk after a long hard day, even when the couch is begging you to lie on it?  Will you reach for the vegetable snack when the bag of chips whispers your name from the pantry?  Will this be the year you give up sugary soft drinks and drink more water?  As you think about all these decisions, keep in mind: progress performed consistently will yield results! 

When I was trying to conquer old unhealthy habits, in my mind, I projected myself into the future.  I imagined the life I wanted in my later years. This thought really resonated with me and gave me the power to stay focused and committed.

The choices and decisions we make right now will affect the quality of life we have in 10-20 years!  Visualize the kind of grandma/grandpa you want to be, imagine the life you want to have when you retire!  Keep going! Your health journey matters, regardless of how long it takes! Reset and renew your mind daily! Keep fighting for what you want with tenacity, perseverance, commitment, and intention! You are worth it!!

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