15 Holiday Survival Tips by BT Coach Elizabeth Briski

HOLIDAYS!! That word elicits a lot of excitement! But it can also elicit some fear!

The holidays are here and they are filled with fun, family and friends! But they can also be filled with food, temptations and possible over-indulgence.

I thought what better way to help us all through the holidays than with some tips and tricks from our amazing Bod E Talk Coaches.

I asked each coach to think about what they do to stay healthy through the holidays. Amazingly enough, each coach responded with their own tip and none of the tips repeated themselves! This leaves each of you with an incredible list of ideas to get through the holidays, enjoy yourself and stay healthy!!

Coach Elizabeth Briski:

When you’re at parties with that endless food table, where everything looks so inviting, first take a plate (the smallest one available helps too!) and make sure to only eat from the plate. Then make sure whatever you put on the plate you really truly want to eat. You also can just take enough to try a bite! It doesn’t always have to be a full portion.

It is so easy to walk by the food and just grab a bite and grab another bite and another. It adds up and you don’t even realize it! By only eating from your plate, then you are much more aware of what actually goes into your body!

Coach Nikki Kennedy:

My tip is to keep your holiday schedule as normal as possible by applying the BT principles just as you are used to doing. Continue with daily exercise, even if it looks a little different than what you’re used to. Instead of hitting the gym, maybe it’s a family walk or family day at the ski hill. Have fun and enjoy the special time together. And lastly, we aren’t trying for perfection. Holidays will present special circumstances and doing the best you can IS good enough.

Coach Ida Ufferman:

Staying fit isn’t just about fitting into my holiday dress(es), but also prioritizing my well-being. My go-to tip for the holidays is to continue my practice of self-care. When I take the time to recharge myself, whether through exercise (even if improvised) or planning time to disconnect, I am better equipped to manage the stressors of the season.

Coach Andra Bitter:

Food is my favorite. I couldn’t commit to this lifestyle if it meant I could never have pie or gravy or pretzel salad ever again! So I go in with the mindset of trying a LITTLE of everything. There’s always so much yummy food I want to put on my plate, but instead of piling it on there and then going back for more, I’ll take literally a bite-sized amount of everything I want. It gets me to my 70-80%, but I don’t feel like I overdid it with giant scoops of everything and seconds and thirds and fourths. And I don’t feel like I’m missing out either!

Coach Dana Jarrell:

My tip would be to schedule your workouts on Sunday's! On Sunday's I schedule my workouts for the week. This way I know I have made an appointment for myself and I can plan accordingly just like it's a doctor or dentist appointment. I make time to keep my kids involved in activities so it's just as important for me to stay active and feel good throughout the holidays too!

Coach Jill Pearce:

When going to Holiday gatherings and parties I avoid stretchy pants/legging and choose something with less space for “expansion”...this helps me stay mindful in food choices, thinking about how the food I choose will make me feel? Also when baking I do this too!! Secondly, I research and find adult party beverages with no added sugar.

Coach Jana Garrett:

My stay fit tip during the Holidays is to make sure you really want something before you eat it! I used to always have a piece of pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving just because. But I’ve realized I don’t love pumpkin pie! There’s no sense of eating it just because it’s there!

Coach Kate Q. Anderson:

Holidays means vacation days, which means my husband and I can workout together. So I treat exercising like date night out. We find a class at the gym we like and we take it together.

Coach Stacey Hoeft:

My go to tip for staying fit during the holidays is to let go of the all or nothing mentality by still enjoying (not over indulging) food you like, but with a common sense approach of doing it for a night not from Thanksgiving to News Year!  Be intentional with making time for exercise and still getting adequate sleep!

Coach Stacy Summers:

Polka dot your holiday plate, or in other words, make sure you have space between your food. Two to three tablespoons is just enough to eat and enjoy every single bite of the holiday food you love without overdoing it while still feeling festive and satisfied eating “once-a-year kinds of foods.”

Coach Leigh Garrison:

I always put my workout clothes on first thing in the AM (or when I work, immediately when I get home)...I make a promise to myself that they don’t come off until I get 30 min of activity. Some days, it’s a hard workout, some days, when pushed for time, it’s a walk with my family...but I don’t let myself shower or put on other clothes until I take care of me first! Even when it’s the holidays, the promise to myself always stays the same

Coach Kim Love:

Buy a gift for yourself when you reach a goal. So for example, set a workout goal and then treat yourself to a new workout outfit. Or set a goal to eat more whole foods and experiment with cooking and then buy a new cooking tool like a spiralizer.

The other tip I have during the holidays is to blast your favorite holiday music while you clean the house. Might as well have fun while you’re getting ready to host a part or for family to visit!

Coach Michelle Spencer:

Offer to take a food item to each party you are going to so you know that there will be a healthy option. Some idea could be things like veggie tray with hummus, fruit tray, healthy treat or muffin, etc.

Coach Hillary Bender:

Plan fun fitness as a family! The Holiday season is a wonderful time to spend time with the family. Instead of sitting on the couch to enjoy nice conversation, perhaps enjoy a wonderful conversation on a walk. Plan a fun fitness activity that the whole family will enjoy. For example, a beautiful hike, a turkey trot, playing a game outside, etc.

Coach Julie Brannan:

I find it hardest to stay on track when I travel during the holidays, whether it's for a vacation or to stay with family. Not only are you out of your routine, but the foods you typically eat to stay healthy might not be as readily available. To stay on track and reduce my personal stress, I make sure two of my meals each day are clean, but then enjoy the local favorites for the third meal each day. No matter what I'm eating, I eat to 70% full. I've had success with the 2 out of 3 meals clean approach with travel as it gives me flexibility (they can switch daily between breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on the day), allows me to continue to feel great and it provides an opportunity to try some new things as well.

Bonus Tips:

Carry around gum (consider PUR gum) and chew it after eating to your 70-80% full so as to combat overeating.

Brush your teeth or mouthwash after dinner to help hit a good E that night!

And finally and most importantly follow the BT principles 4 E’s!!

So BT Friends, enjoy your holidays and have fun making memories WITHOUT worrying about food!!