About Stacy


I'm SO glad you're here. 

You're in the right place. It requires a leap of faith to try something new, especially if you find yourself wondering if "this time" it will be different. I have faith in you. Thousands of BT Members have wondered the same thing. They pushed through their doubts and fears and found freedom because they knew they were worth it! 

I married my best friend and college sweetheart, Kevin. His zest for life goes great with my spontaneity! We both love to travel, ride bikes, and work on projects together. We have four incredible daughters. I wanted them to learn how to love and honor their bodies and create to live vibrant and healthy lives. I've been teaching the Bod E Talk principles since they were young and not only have I seen the tried and true benefits in my own family but in thousands of member's families too. 

We live in Chicagoland, so while I may be daydreaming of soaking up the sun on a beach, I can often be found sitting by the warm fireplace while holding my bunny (Yes, I have a rabbit), and coaching our members.

I am a Fitness Professional, but like most people, to exercise it has to be FUN! For me that means leading a fitness class filled with people, singing along with the music. For you, it might be on a treadmill while catching up on your favorite TV show or running on a quiet path. Or perhaps you haven't done much exercising in years because it feels intimidating and anything but fun. No matter the case, I've designed a program that starts wherever you are.   

I enjoy eating and cooking. I enjoy celebrating and parties. I enjoy REAL LIFE! That's why I believe long-term success and freedom is NOT found in endless calorie counting, macros, points, etc.  I want freedom and health for you and those who you love. 

I especially love the study of anthropology and have spent time traveling the globe learning about other cultures. I am so excited that Bod E Talk has become a global community that applies and works with people anywhere they are in the world. 

I wrote Bod E Talk in a way that healthy living, even when that involves letting go of the most stubborn unwanted weight, can be achieved and honored within any lifestyle. SO it doesn't matter if you're a busy mom, a college student, or a 9-5'er... This program celebrates and prepares you to focus on what matters most to you!

We would love for you to join us! 

I LOVE meeting and connecting with each of you. Reach out at anytime.  

Visit me on FACEBOOK & Instagram.

Email me at stacysummersfitness@gmail.com

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