Hello there! My name is Josey Harris. I am a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) and in March 2019 will be an ACE Certified Health Coach! I consider myself a runner since I complete a half marathon every year, but love any form of activity, especially when it is outside! My cute husband Easton and I were married in August of 2016 and live in Richfield, Utah with our cactus Ernest (for now!). We enjoy hiking, 4-wheeling, long walks holding hands and being with our families. I love everything to do with the body and enjoy learning how it works, the importance of safe movement in our lives and truly love teaching others how incredible their personal vessels are!

Before I found Bod E Talk, I had an unhealthy relationship with food. Even though I tried to eat what I thought was “healthy”, I was always wondering why I was not able to lose any weight and kept feeling sluggish or bloated. Know the feeling? I would try diets here and there, increase my workout intensities, look at my friends and family who were smaller than me and wonder if this is what I was going to feel like forever. I wanted to feel strong, healthy and in control of my body and its desires. Luckily, Bod E Talk found its way into my life and I learned that my body is different from anyone else...and to love that! I learned that there are simple, yet effective principles to help each of us listen to and understand our own bodies to know exactly what they need to make them feel whole, healthy and happy!

Our bodies need more than physical food, they also need nourishment to the mind and soul. I truly believe that finding the balance between caring for our physical, emotional and spiritual needs is essential to feeling whole and finding joy in this crazy thing called life! I want you to enjoy this life to its fullest and feel like you can take on any obstacle by learning to care for your body in a way that works for you. This program is not a diet plan, this is daily and personal knowledge and empowerment that can change the way you think and feel for the better, turning you into your OWN health expert! Let me help you get there!

Don’t know where to start with exercise or unsure how to perform certain movements safely? I got you!

Need some help finding recipes that meet your goals and taste delicious? I have a stack ready to send your way!

Not sure how to balance everything life throws at you, especially your overall health! Let me help you find what works best for you!

Want to start a journey that will change your life for the best? You are in the right place!

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If you could choose one superpower? 

I would choose to fly! So I could explore the world a little easier.

What is one thing you MUST do someday?

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro!

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