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My happy plAce.

My happy plAce.


Hi! I am Stacey Hoeft, a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Bod E Talk Coach. 

I want to congratulate you on taking the first step toward creating a new healthier you by implementing the Bod E Talk lifestyle!

My husband, Mark, and I married in 1994 and have 3 boys. 

Growing up, I was always active, but struggled with body image issues. Over the years I tried several weight loss programs with no long-term success. My health journey ignited in 2005 after witnessing my father-in-law succumb to cancer, the catalyst that caused me to make significant changes. I wanted to do all I could to promote a healthy lifestyle. I’ve witnessed the significance of being healthy! I learned to love exercise and realized the importance of eating healthy foods (which is something I've struggled with most of my life; maybe you have too?).  Bod E Talk has been a rewarding lifestyle for my family and me!

If the thought of creating change in your life has you overwhelmed, you’re not alone! The fact is many folks don’t know where to begin. Together we can start by focusing on small decisions that collectively can bring about substantial change in your life. Small changes can and will lead to big results!! From this point forward I want you to embrace the confidence that comes with the momentum of positive change!

Becoming a Bod E Talk coach has allowed me to use my experiences, gifts, and talents to serve others. I am passionate about helping others with our most significant asset - our health! I’m committed to supporting and inspiring you with my knowledge and encouragement. I’m thrilled to be a Bod E Talk Coach because I genuinely believe in this liberating lifestyle! 

My strongest skill as a health coach recognizes the significance of the mind, body, spirit connection and my ability to help members unlock the power and strength that lies within.  And it’s in this power and strength that your success lies.  I’ve trained extensively in the arena of personal development, and I bring a unique set of techniques that are designed to bring out the very best in you!

Are you ready to feel empowered as you choose the path to healthier living? Join me and become your OWN health, nutrition and fitness expert and discover how amazing you are!

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Where is your favorite place to be?

Vacationing or boating with my family creating special memories!

If you had an hour of free time in which you could do anything, what would you do?

Hang out on my patio and read an inspiring book.

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Here are a couple of my favorite success stories from members I've had the joy of coaching! 


Bod E Talk has been an amazing journey for me. I have grown in so many ways; health wise, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. The coaching, the education and the group support has been above my expectations! I have grown to love all my teammates. I have lost 23.4 lbs and 19.25 inches!!! I now feel free from the bondage of food. Feel better than ever. Thank you Stacey Hoeft from the bottom of my heart.

-Anita Chiodo


My Bod E Talk journey started in April of 2017. I saw many Facebook posts. I decided enough was enough, no more excuses, I was doing this. 

I began the process of what I call new learning. BT broke it down in small doses week by week so that I could tackle one new habit at a time. My new healthy habits started to show on the scale. I did four straight BT sessions and lost 70 pounds. 

I understand now how important it is to fuel our bodies, minds, and spirits! This journey has brought me so much joy and happiness and is indeed a lifestyle way for me! 


I no longer hide from family photos or stand in the back behind all my kids. I am excited to see how far I have come in honestly a short amount of time and now be a part of every photo opportunity I can. 

Choosing a coach is a super fun part of this journey as well. I decided on Stacey Hoeft. She took me under her wing in a non-threatening way, and I now have the privilege of calling her my friend. She encourages me, exercises with me, reaches out to me when she sees me not doing well, and always is a phone call away if I need a pep talk. She walks the walk, and she talks the talk. I love her dedication to her job, her family, her health, and the people she coaches. Her story is a lot like mine, a stay at home mom trying to run a family while making her health a priority. I love the balance she has and shares. I would highly recommend her to anyone I know. So many of my friends and family have joined BT and are seeing the same results.

-Tammy Hoffner