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Hello, Halo, Konnichiwa!

My name is Leigh Garrison, and I am an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, as well as ACE-certified Health Coach. I have been married to my husband Scott for 17 years and our family of four, has spent the last 13 years moving from state to state and country to country….which has been both fantastic and challenging!

I have been physically active my entire life, but never, ever was able to connect the nutrition and healthy eating aspect with my exercise habits; therefore, sabotaged myself every day (as we say in BT- "you cannot outrun your fork!"). 

I discovered Bod E Talk when I was looking to get back to my healthy lifestyle after our latest out-of-country move, and I LOVE it. I let go of the weight I had struggled for so long to lose, but more importantly, I gained knowledge that I know will go with me wherever I am physically located. This #E4Life lifestyle has helped me create so many lifelong, healthy habits that allow me to enjoy eating while still feeling like I have control over my life- something that brings with it such self-confidence and self-belief that I can’t wait to share that with you all!

As a coach, I believe the most significant thing that holds us back from success is our mindset. Too often those who want to lose weight think success is found through an all or nothing approach. So when you are doing things perfectly or are staying disciplined in every area that's when you think you are being healthy. If you are like most people, you have spent so much time, money and effort trying things that are not sustainable, then feeling like failures because you have lost all confidence in yourself to take back that control and make healthy choices.

I am a Bod E Talk Coach because I believe that this is an education and a community that will show you a way back- to have that belief in yourself that you CAN do it!!  That you are capable and do not have to be perfect to pursue your health and the freedom that you long for.  Coaching members towards discovering that freedom is the most rewarding part of being a health coach! 

I am excited to share what I have learned and help you take back your confidence and control and show you just how incredible you are! 

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Favorite quote?

1. "Everything worth doing is worth doing well."  

2. "We can do hard things."

Your biggest influence in your life?

My dad. I watched him work hard my whole life and pass that expectation on to myself and my siblings- education is key, hard work is a necessity- hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard...imagine if you have both? Best example of a contributing, caring human being this world has to offer.

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Here are two of my favorite success stories from two of our members I've had the joy of coaching! 

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“I am 59 years old. I had a slim athletic body up until my 30’s when I first had to start battling my weight. I have tried everything. I have joined gyms and that faded. I have purchased videos and workouts and on and on. I even looked at spending a week at a Fat Farm but they are way out of my price range!!

When my friend told me about Bod E Talk I listened because it was a friend I trusted and she had just done it. She showed me her pictures and I was impressed. But I still wasn’t sure, was this just going to be like all the rest of the things I’ve seen and done? 

Then she showed me one of her teammates that lost 25 pounds in one 12 week session. I was listening now. And I thought I’ve got to try this!

This has been an amazing ride with great success. I haven’t felt this confident about my mind, spirit, and body in decades. I love this program. 

You have a personal coach that you hear from daily, 7 days a week that truly cares about your wellbeing in every way. Leigh is such an inspirational coach and always has our backs to help us do our best and find the best we have in ourselves. And it’s a blast! I have never had so much fun losing weight and getting in shape!!!"

-Anita Writght-Justice





"I didn’t set out with a plan to lose a certain amount of weight. My original goals were more about getting healthy and becoming fit so that I could be there for my family (we’d had a rough few years with illness, etc). I half expected this “thing” to be like all the other quick fix fad diets I had tried at various times throughout the years to no success or only to put the weight back on. Boy was I surprised! The foundation of BT the four E’s is brilliant and makes so much sense.  I signed up for a second round to make sure that I had this down, to practice the principals. More amazing results. Nothing off limits, nothing to count only you deciding what works for you and then doing it. My changes have inspired people around me. A longtime friend even asking me, “why do you think this worked for you? Why this time?”. Simple, this is not a diet this is a common sense way to approach life, love food and know how to use it, get fit and ultimately become the best you. A tremendous thank you for your encouragement and guidance Leigh Garrison."

-Kristen Stapleton