Hello! My name is Kate Anderson. I am a certified ACE Health coach & ACE group fitness instructor, with a specialization in fat and metabolism to specifically help individuals who have followed all the "rules" and did not lose weight or sought to move past a long time plateau and move into losing mode. The struggle with sugar cravings and emotional eating is real. I am trained to coach those seeking to overcome those struggles and eat for happiness and health.

Food and mood go hand in hand. My members (along with family) have struggled with emotional eating and mental illnesses. The connection between the two has encouraged my desire through my continuing education to understand the relationship food better directly affects our moods, and stress responses, especially with serotonin. 

My coaching style is habit based.  I believe that motivation will get you there and habits will keep you there.  I strive to make my groups fun, engaging, and goal-centered.  I bring a lot of humor and energy into my groups, which keeps the motivation high. I promise all my members that I will bring my passion for health and wellness to the group every day.  

Something that inspires me is this quote by Babe Ruth, "It's hard to beat a person who never gives up."  I love this!  I am someone who has had to work hard to succeed and so I can relate to people who have struggled with weight loss.  I know that it isn't easy.  It wasn't easy for me, but with work, I got there and so can you!

I'm a foodie.  A busy mom of five kids.  It's always a juggling act but I love how Bod E Talk has fit perfectly and easily into my lifestyle.  It has not only impacted myself for good but my family as well!  Bod E Talk has improved my confidence.  How I look.  My energy level.  Everything!  I'm a better mom because I am a healthier mom!

I believe that health is not the size you wear, but the size of your life.  Healthy looks good on everyone.  It doesn't matter if you have 100 pounds to lose or the last 10 pounds that won't come off.  If you have a crazy schedule.  Or a full-time job.  It doesn't matter if you travel constantly. Or are a mom struggling to lose the baby weight.  I have coached it all and know how best to help you reach your goals!  I love connecting with each of my members and helping their individual journey towards heath and weight loss.

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What is something you must do someday?

Travel to South Africa and watch the Great White Sharks feeding. I'm TERRIFIED of sharks and has a deep desire to face her fears, literally, and then see what happens.

Best advice ever given?

Luck has nothing to do with the body you want or the fitness level you want. If you want it, work for it and you'll get it.

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Don't take just my word for it.  Here are a few of my favorite success stories from members that I've had the joy of coaching! 

You are worth feeling healthy and happy! 😀

If you have health and weight loss goals sign up now for my Bod E Talk program where I can coach you to let go of restrictions, of negative thoughts, of counting calories, and instead find the freedom of being your own health and fitness expert.

Here’s what Melissa Ann Rose says about my coaching program, Bod E Talk: “I started Bod E Talk with Kate when my second born was almost a year old. I was tired of consistently working out and seeing no results with getting the baby weight from IVf and two babies off. 

Through the program and with Kate’s wonderful help, I am now down almost 20 lbs (I only have 5 more lbs to go to get to my pre-IVF weight). Kate has been so helpful and guided me through times when I needed motivation and healthy eating habit tips. 

This program is not about conforming to a diet, it’s about making healthy choices for your body. I have learned that I don’t need all the food I was eating before- I only need what my body requires and I have learned to let my body tell me what nutrients it needs. 

I am almost to my goal, and with Kate being as wonderful as she is, she has already started talking to me about to continue to lose weight and reach my goal weight. 

If you are looking for a healthy start, Kate will help you reach your goals!!” If you have questions about my program and how I can help you reach your goals, direct message me and I’d be happy to answer all your questions. 😀


Meet Rachel, she inspires me.  She lost a total of 35 pounds from following the Bod E Talk principles!  The thing I loved about coaching Rachel was that she stayed engaged. Rachel told me before the session that in her second round she didn't lose ONE pound. She was DISCOURAGED. I told her I would work with her and use my training in fat and metabolism to help get her to her goal and lose weight. SHE did! She lost 12 pounds with me. 

Here's what she has to say, "Kate has done an amazing job of keeping me motivated this session. When I first started the program I was skeptical but soon realized the great benefits of the program, which led me to complete my third session of BT. I told BT coach Kate my goals for my third session and she helped me achieved them. She kept me motivated and inspired me every day! Kate would reach out to me individually throughout the entire session and made sure I stayed on track. Kate has an immense amount of knowledge about nutrition and will help anyone achieve their goals. BT has helped me change my lifestyle and how I view food and exercise. Don’t hesitate to sign up, sign up now, it will change your life!" #BTcommunity #EforLife