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My name is Julie Brannan. I am ACE-Certified as both a Health Coach and Personal Trainer. I live in a northern suburb of Atlanta, Georgia with my husband, Keith, and our children, Ella and Joshua with our dog, Duke. I grew up in Illinois, but I’ve always said that my heart is in the south.

I have not always worked in the health and fitness community. Most of my adult life has been in corporate America, ranging from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (a pediatric hospital) to State Farm Insurance. After a successful 20-year leadership career, I left the corporate world two years ago to focus more time on our family. This gives me a unique perspective to understand and appreciate the lives of busy professionals as well as the challenges outside the professional world as a mom who is primarily at home – both are difficult and have their own challenges.

I’ve tried many weight loss programs over the past two decades, but I was not able to maintain the loss or programs. I often found I could maintain the exercise, but I struggled with integrating the nutrition aspects into my life. I discovered Bod E Talk in August 2016; I lost more than 20 pounds in my session of the BT program.

Besides shedding the extra weight, Bod E Talk gave me the tools I need to continue to live a healthy lifestyle today anywhere and anytime while experiencing life’s planned (travel, celebrations) and unplanned (illness, work) challenges. I’m healthier now than I’ve ever been, and I’m passionate to help each of you create the healthiest version of yourself. While you likely already know many of the basics of a healthy lifestyle, as a coach, I’ll help you put the pieces of the puzzle together to help you achieve your goals.

My goal is to help people change their lives by helping them discover the healthy lifestyle that is best for them right now. One of my personal mantras is that the possibilities are endless. I look forward to working with individual Bod E Talk members to help them discover their possibilities.




What are 5 things that you love?

Family, dogwood tree blooms, homemade chocolate chip cookies, reading, waterfalls

What inspires you and lights your inner fire? 

When people they show their strength, resilience, curiosity, joy, creativity, humility and grit. 

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Don't take just my word for it.  Here is one of my favorite success stories from a member that I've had the joy of coaching! 


"Woah!!! I've come a long way since December 2015! I've always struggled with my weight, but especially over the last 5 years working full-time and studying for my Master's degree full time. I was tired and stressed, which led to poor and "easy" food choices and the very swollen picture of me from December 2015. The pic from December 2016 was a smaller version of me but still overweight and just prior to starting BT. I exercised some but it wasn't a habit; it was to off-set the processed, bad foods I was eating. My sister told me about BT, so I thought I would give it a try. I wasn't healthy and needed a change. The last pic is from May 2017, after 5 months of BT. I get lots of double takes these days and compliments on how great I look. Really helps to do side by sides to see the drastic difference. Who knew this is where I'd be right now, down to a size 6, and looking better than I've looked since high school, even though it's still a shocker to see my before photos. So much inflammatory responses to what I was eating, causing me to be a big puff ball!! I am so grateful to BT, for teaching me life long healthy habits and cheering me on, to create a whole new me...literally!" - Lisa Sikora

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