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My name is Jill Pearce. I’ve been married to my husband Steve 23 years!  We have 4 awesome kids! Drew is  20 and a student at Belmont Univ., Nate is 18 , Kirby is 15 and our little girl Josy is  9. Yes I’ve been in the elementary school phase FOREVER! These blessings take up most of my time. But somehow have found time to squeeze in a few other things I love like volunteering, working with students, and pouring into the women in my church community.

My background is in education. I taught physical education, health education and coached gymnastics, track and cross country at the high school level before staying home with my kids. I always had an interest in fitness and nutrition, but personally got caught in the cycle of “busyness”, leading to inactivity, leading to eating too much, leading to doubts about my ability to ever get back to feeling healthy and fit. I can feel you busy ladies nodding your head as you read this.  I knew what I needed to do, had tried most programs or at least parts of them…but nothing really helped me get to a place of health. In the midst of this cycle, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Disease/Hypothyroidism. I knew this could have an effect on my weight struggles. I worked with my doctor to find the correct hormone balance, which took a while but was successful! Although I continued to use it as an excuse to why I "couldn't" lose weight. The truth is I knew what I needed to do... Then came BT! My experience with BT helped me find freedom from that cycle!! I feel like God put BT in my life to help me live the way my body was created to work!! Talk about freeing!  Bod E Talk just makes sense!! It truly is an education in “listening, letting go and living”.  Listening to our bodies, letting go of unwanted weight and truly living life to it's fullest! 

I lost 42lbs during 2 sessions! But even better, I found freedom from the constant thinking, worrying and stress about eating and pressure to “workout”. Now I listen and enjoy workouts or activity I love just by trusting my body’s design! I believe my experiences with BT can be encouraging as you begin your journey.  If I can make the change so can you!! I’m so thankful I get to share and coach people through this amazing education!!  Would you allow me to come alongside you on this journey to become your own health, nutrition and fitness expert and find the freedom that you've been searching for. 


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Best health journey advice?

Small healthy choices make a difference if done consistently, string them together for big change!     

Least favorite day to day task?  

Laundry! It just keeps reappearing!!                                                      



Here is one of my favorite success stories from a member that I've had the joy of coaching! 


“Bod E Talk has been a life-changer. I would love to meet Jill face to face and hug her! Being part of a team and coached by Jill has been an awesome experience. The most obvious change: I am 50 pounds lighter than I was on Sept. 11! The less obvious changes have surprised me the most. I have found myself again; found the self–confidence lost somewhere amidst being mom, wife, teacher, friend, and daughter. I have relearned how to set goals and reach them. I can push myself and get stronger. I can take care of me and make good choices. I am an all-around better person thanks to BT!

As I wrap up my second session of Bod E Talk, I am so grateful. The negative voice in my head has been silenced. I feel comfortable in my own skin. I don’t need to hide from myself or anyone else. Many programs focus on the “what” – what to eat, what to do for exercise… - BT has taught me the “how” – how to change habits and make choices every day that in the long run make a huge difference!  I feel confident moving forward to live a healthy lifestyle.

I could write 10 pages about all that is good about Bod E Talk. I’ll summarize with this: BT works. You should do it. Trust me.  #50poundsgone

- Becky Berkley

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I knew for a while that I wanted to get healthy, but I just could not find a program that made sense to me. I had success with a popular weight loss program 15 years ago, but it wasn’t the type of program I found I could stick with once I stopped counting points. I was skeptical of the many programs I saw advertised on TV and Facebook. I knew I did not want to have to drink shakes, starve myself, do cleanses or count points just to lose weight, and I wanted to learn how to eat well. I heard about Body E Talk when a friend of mine on FB posted her journey of getting healthy through BT. She was someone whom I knew and respected, so I trusted her opinion. I peppered her with questions, she patiently answered every one, and I decided that maybe this was just the program I had been looking for. I started Body E Talk this past June, and I am so thankful to have found it! 

The BT program is truly amazing! Jill Pearce has been an awesome coach, encouraging me every step of the way. I love the way they introduce new information one step at a time and allow you to practice it before adding a new concept. The support of the private FB group is very motivating and just what I need to encourage me to keep making good choices. I hate to say BT is easy, as getting healthy is never easy, but once you learn and apply the concepts taught through this program, it really IS easy!

My BT journey is not yet over, as I continue to apply the concepts I have learned to get even healthier. In addition to losing 32 lbs, I have had other non-scale victories as well. I have learned to eat and cook healthy. My doctor said my blood pressure was now too low, so I had to stop taking my blood pressure medicine. I am sleeping better than I have in years, and my energy level has returned to what it used to be several years ago. The BT program is truly life-changing. I am so grateful I stepped out of my comfort zone and took the risk to join!

- Tammie Skala


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