Hi! My name is Jana Garrett and I’ve been a certified group fitness instructor since 2005 and on my way to being a certified ACE health coach. I love all forms of fitness including yoga, dance and strength classes! I am still trying to love running and pushups! From a young age, I have loved being active but wouldn't necessarily consider myself athletic. I loved riding horses and danced from the age of 3 and continued all the way into college where I was on the nationally ranked Bengal Dance Team from Idaho State University for 4 years. While attending ISU, I received a degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Kinesiology and a minor in Social Sciences and Dance.

I married Dave in 2006, and shortly after we graduated from ISU, we made our way to Sugar Land Texas where we had 3 amazing kiddos Ashtyn, Campbell, and Marley! We lived there for almost 12 fabulous years and have recently moved to Gilbert AZ where we’re excited to make this our home! 

I feel like I’ve always worked in the health and fitness community! I started teaching dance and tumbling in the basement of our neighbor's house when I was in 8th grade and continued to teach until 2015. I’m very passionate about helping others live their best life and finding confidence by helping them reach their goals, whatever they may be! Our bodies are AMAZING and I love to help people have the best relationship they can with the body they have! 

I’ve always been a big eater but was active enough that I never really had to watch what I ate. After my third baby, I was super surprised when the weight didn't just come off! I tried a lot of different weight loss programs but have found that I’m a “quitter”! lol! I love food and never found any program that I wanted to stick with long enough to see real results. Since my first session of Bod E Talk, I knew this was something I could do the rest of my life and wanted to help others have a healthy relationship with food and still love life while losing weight!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jana.w.garrett

Email: justmejanag@gmail.com

Instagram: justmejanag


What is something people don't know about you?

I was actually born in Canada! We moved back to the States when I was 2 and my parents thought they had done everything to make sure I was a citizen including get my social security card. When I was 27, married and 8 months pregnant, I was trying to get my passport and was told I wasn’t actually a US Citizen!!! So I ended up having to go through the whole process to become a citizen!

Where is your favorite place?


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Don't take just my word for it.  Here is one of my favorite success stories from a member! 


“Bod E Talk has been one of the scariest yet rewarding journeys I’ve ever taken. Since beginning with Bod E Talk, I have gained a new understanding of my body and what fuel I need to thrive, as opposed to looking at my food and exercise choices as punishments or rewards. I now see it as being what I am able to do, and choices I am in charge of, to treat my body well and push myself to new heights of health that I truly thought were unattainable. I have more confidence and comfort in my body than I have ever had. The biggest part for me has been overcoming emotional, stress, and binge-eating patterns, and replacing that with freedom to make healthy choices that are beneficial for me, and have nothing to do with cravings or outside pressures.

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