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Hello! My name is Elizabeth Briski. I am an 8th-grade math teacher, and ACE Certified Health Coach! I love learning, and I love helping people LEARN! I married my best friend, Chris, in June of 2016 and we live in Madison, WI. We enjoy spending time outside, going to country music concerts and summer nights on our deck! At my core, I’m just a girl who loves all things summer, reading, being out on the water and the good old Green Bay Packers. 

Growing up, I was not athletic at all, and gym class was my worst nightmare. However, towards the end of high school and into college I decided to give working out a try. Then I wanted to challenge myself to do more, which is when I decided to run a half marathon and found my love of running. I have continued to run at least one-half marathon a year since and have also run one full marathon. Trying new workouts did not stop there, I have found a new love for lifting weights, Zumba and Reformer Pilates! You never know what you will love until you give it a try!

During all of this, I struggled with negative self-talk and was continually trying to figure out ways to lose weight. I tried tracking food, counting calories, tracking macros and nothing seemed to stick. Then in the Fall of 2016, I learned about Bod E Talk and participated as a member in January of 2017. During those weeks, I realized, and finally figured it out, that no special weight loss trick is going to work. It is learning yourself and what your body needs. I realized through Bod E Talk that my body is happiest when I am fueling it with real, whole foods! I function better when I do! 

You will also learn your own body’s weightloss language, and what makes your body function best, that is the best part of Bod E Talk, it can honestly work for anyone, as long as you are willing. 


...I want to make a difference for you.

...I want to challenge you to be your best. 

…I believe in you. 

I want to be a part of your journey to a healthier, happier, freer you! I would love to cheer you on, join in your successes, and yes, to even help you through your challenges. As your coach, together we will witness your incredible and inspiring feats. Our health is an investment, one we need to invest in every day continually so that we can have our health for the long haul!

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What is your idea of heaven?

Endless sunshine.

The book that influenced you most?

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

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BT Success stories! 


“Meet my pile of skinny jeans. You know, the pile that’s been in the back of my closet waiting for me to get thin enough to wear them. Today was purge day in our house. Well...this whole pile...is going to Goodwill...BECAUSE...I'm too skinny for my skinny jeans - I could pull every pair off WHILE THEY WERE BUTTONED!  :)  :)  :) GOODBYE too big skinny jeans!" 
-Andrea H.

"When I started Bod E Talk, I thought I knew a lot about wellness and nutrition. I've always been an active person as professional actor and dancer, but I wasn't good at planning my nutrition and eating mindfully.

Since Bod E Talk, my way of eating has completely changed. I know how to organize my meals ahead of time to avoid eating fast food on the go. I have knowledge about when I should be eating and when it is my brain saying 'that chocolate chip iced cream looks yummy.' My approach to eating has become mindful and a gift to my health, body, and wellness.

I'm so grateful for Bod E Talk program!" 
 - Haleigh

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