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Hi! My name is Andra Bitter, and I live on a farm in Idaho with my ruggedly handsome husband and our three cute little kids. 

Who I Am:

  • I’m an ACE Certified Health Coach with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and a Behavior Change Specialist. I’m fascinated by why we struggle to change habits that we know are hurting us, and I enjoy studying about and identifying the triggers that have prevented us from successfully changing in the past.
  • I am a fanatical runner—I’ve completed 8 marathons and my ultimate goal is to run a marathon in all 50 United States! I also love discovering new and FUN ways to be active. Boating, paddle boarding, hiking, rock climbing, biking, or kayaking all get my fire burnin’.
  • I’m a life-long learner. I’ll read any book on any subject. My perfect day would be spent snowed-in at a cabin in the mountains with a stack of books and a plate of cookies.
  • Kryptonites: Push-ups and yep, Chocolate Chip Cookies

My Coaching Philosophy is strengths-based. I believe that as we work to nurture your strengths, your weaknesses will naturally lose their potency and become easier and easier to overcome. I believe that energy breeds more energy, which is why I strive to make my BT groups full of life, humor, and zest. I’m looking for people who crave this energy to make up the SOUL of my groups. I’m passionate about helping YOU become the expert on your health.

Whether it’s emotional eating you struggle with or social gatherings; whether you’ve got over 100 pounds to lose or those last stubborn 10. Adjusting to life after a new baby or life after all the kids have left the nest… I thrive on helping others create and execute plans to reach their own health and fitness goals and become the best versions of themselves!

I'd love to connect with you. Find me here:

Instagram: @anjbitt

Facebook: Andra Bitter



What is one thing you must do in your lifetime?

Run a marathon in every state!

What is something people don't know about you?

I've written songs about almost every boy I dated when I was younger... just call me T-Swift.

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Here is one of my favorite success stories from one of our members I've had the joy of coaching! 


Bod E Talk has changed my life. I got on FB one day and saw before and after pictures of [some friends] from their first Bod E Talk sessions and was BLOWN AWAY! These were people I knew personally and all of a sudden Bod E Talk became a real thought. “If these are real people with real results, why can’t it be me?” So with all the nerves I signed up for the 12 week journey. The days leading up to the start of the session I was sick to my stomach thinking, 

“What if I fail?” 

“I have never lost weight before when I have tried.” 

“What if it doesn’t work?”. 

I was beyond nervous for what I had just gotten myself into. Then week 1 came and the principles were so easy. I was just learning to listen to my body, THAT’S IT! There is no special pill, smoothie, counting calories, NOTHING! If I wanted a cookie, I ate one! I learned how to trust my body and learn how to LIVE my life and I am HAPPY! I have always had confidence in myself but now after this program, I could see that that confidence was fading but ITS BACK! 

I feel so good and I want to share that with EVERYONE! This is the easiest way, and I’m not saying there weren’t hard days, but the easiest principles to set you up for success. Oh and by the way I have lost 23.5lbs! I could not be happier! Thank you Andra for being the greatest coach and always cheering us on. Thank you Kate and Lindsey for inspiring me to jump on board and helping me improve my life. Take a leap of faith and JUST DO IT!"

- Cassidy Jones


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